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AQUA Bitcoin Wallet Review

By Jinia06/21/2024


Anyone looking for a self-custodial, multi-asset Bitcoin wallet should consider the AQUA wallet. Initially developed by Blockstream, it is a self-custodial cryptocurrency wallet with some of the best features for Bitcoin holders. 

It comes with easy onboarding and is relatively easy to use. Thanks to its multi-asset capability, you can hold and swap Bitcoin, Lightning, and Liquid assets and USDT, which is ideal for users looking for faster and cheaper transactions. 

The wallet’s streamlined interface and robust security features make it an excellent choice for beginners and experienced users. This article will delve deeper into the AQUA wallet’s unique features, benefits, and potential drawbacks, providing a comprehensive review of this innovative Bitcoin wallet solution.


  • Offers reliable stablecoins

  • Features an asset swap feature

  • Multi-asset support

  • Intuitive user interface

  • Non-custodial

  • Speedy transactions


  • Only a few months old

  • It does not offer a lighting node

  • Slightly pricier transaction fees

AQUA Wallet Overview

As mentioned, the AQUA wallet was first developed by Blocksteam in September 2020 but recently relaunched and released by JAN3, a Bitcoin technology company focused on enabling access to Bitcoin. 

Designed as an open-source, non-custodial Bitcoin wallet, AQUA Wallet was launched in January 2024. It is one of the latest wallet solutions that empower Bitcoin holders to hold, transact, and swap Bitcoin across various off-chain networks. 

The wallet supports both the Lightning and Liquid networks, thus giving users an affordable alternative for Bitcoin transactions. AQUA Wallet’s founders have deep ties with the greater Bitcoin community, as the app was launched on the same date as Bitcoin’s 15th birthday. 

How to Set Up AQUA Wallet

Setting up your AQUA Wallet is straightforward. You can get started by simply downloading the app on both iOS and Android devices. Once you agree to the terms of service, you can create a new wallet through the “Create New Wallet” button. 

As with most non-custodial wallets, creating a new Aqua wallet requires you to generate a 12-word seed phrase representing your private keys. You should store this seed phrase offline to secure access to your Bitcoin assets. 

With your seed phrase intact, you can start using the wallet either through the Lightning or Liquid networks. Thanks to this multi-chain integration, you can use the wallet to receive funds from networks like Ethereum or Tron.

How Does AQUA Wallet work?

AQUA Wallet’s flexibility across multiple networks makes it an ideal daily driver for novice and experienced Bitcoin holders. It can process Bitcoin transactions directly on the mainchain and through off-chain means on the Lightning or Liquid networks. 

For the uninitiated, Bitcoin’s lightning network is a layer-two scaling solution for the Bitcoin network. With it, users can conduct affordable, fast, and scalable transactions without incurring huge transaction fees or lengthy delays, as is characterized by the mainchain. 

What’s more, the wallet has a built-in asset swap feature. Users can not only manage Bitcoin but also swap various altcoins and convert their holdings to USDT across different layers. This makes the app quite useful for users in jurisdictions with highly inflated fiat currencies.

Is AQUA Wallet Safe to Use?

AQUA Wallet prioritizes security through its robust non-custodial framework, ensuring that users always maintain full control over their private keys and assets. This eliminates the risks associated with custodial services, where third parties hold the keys and, consequently, the funds. 

AQUA’s design incorporates advanced encryption techniques and stringent security protocols to protect against unauthorized access and cyber threats. By leveraging the inherent security features of Bitcoin’s blockchain and its second-layer solutions like Liquid and Lightning, the wallet offers an additional layer of protection for transactions. 

Furthermore, AQUA Wallet’s seamless integration with Blockstream’s ecosystem and its commitment to regular updates and improvements bolster its reliability and trustworthiness, making it a safe choice for managing Bitcoin and other digital assets.

What Makes AQUA Wallet Stand Out?

AQUA Wallet stands out due to its unique combination of user-friendly design, multi-asset support, and advanced technological integration. Unlike many wallets that focus only on Bitcoin, AQUA enables users to manage a variety of digital assets, including Tether USDt and other Liquid assets, alongside Bitcoin and Lightning transactions.

Its seamless Side Swap functionality simplifies complex processes, allowing effortless transitions between different types of transactions. Moreover, AQUA’s intuitive interface caters to both novice and seasoned users, ensuring ease of use without sacrificing powerful features.

The wallet’s commitment to non-custodial principles ensures users retain full control over their assets, enhancing security and privacy. Additionally, AQUA’s integration with Blockstream’s ecosystem and its ongoing development to include features like paying fees in USDt and more on-ramp integrations further distinguish it from other wallets, making it a comprehensive solution for modern cryptocurrency needs.

AQUA Wallet Fees

Compared to other wallets, AQUA Wallet offers a competitive fee structure that enhances its appeal for both everyday users and experienced cryptocurrency enthusiasts. By leveraging Bitcoin’s second-layer solutions like Liquid and Lightning, 

AQUA minimizes transaction costs while maximizing speed and efficiency. Users benefit from reduced fees for Lightning transactions, which are typically lower than traditional on-chain Bitcoin transactions. Based on the network’s congestion, sending funds through the AQUA wallet will cost around 1 satoshi. There are no fees for receiving a transaction.

What’s more, the wallet’s ability to automate conversions between Bitcoin and USDt helps users avoid excessive fees associated with multiple transactions and exchanges. AQUA’s streamlined process for swapping assets within the wallet itself through the swap feature further reduces costs and eliminates the need for third-party services that might charge additional fees.


All in all, AQUA Wallet is a powerful, streamlined solution for Bitcoin holders looking for a self-custodial, multi-asset wallet. Its unique features address the diverse needs of its users, particularly in regions such as the global South, where fiat currencies are unstable.

The app’s availability on both iOS and Android adds to the flexibility and ease of access that AQUA Wallet users enjoy, making it possible to use the wallet across multiple devices. With fees lower than $1, AQUA Wallet is quite competitive thanks to its capacity to leverage layer-two solutions for speedy and affordable transactions. 

Whether you are new to crypto or simply looking for a cheaper, more convenient way of sending and receiving Bitcoin and altcoins, AQUA Wallet offers a seamless, secure, and efficient solution for the Bitcoin revolution.

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