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By CCH03/31/2023


Onramp Crypto with Bitcoin Buy+Send by Wallet88

With Buy+Send you can buy bitcoin with credit/debit card or instant bank transfer and send it to your btc address all in one easy step. You’re pre-approved to Buy+Send $150 worth of bitcoin, with higher limits available upon instant automated identity verification. Get started by entering your email and country below.


  • Intuitive user interface

  • Allows multiple payment options

  • Supports popular internet banking networks

  • Comes with a virtual Mastercard

  • Offers layered security for peace of mind


  • Be careful with Cash Advance Fee

  • Minimum $50

  • Only available in Australia and Canada

What is Wallet88?

Getting a wallet that you can use to make purchases online or even receive payments in Bitcoin is never easy, especially if you are new to the sophisticated world of cryptocurrencies. 

Founded by Meridian Prime Industries, Wallet88 is a simple wallet app that helps you simplify your crypto spending online. In addition, the app lets you get paid in crypto with ease, thus further advancing the adoption of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general. 

After all, the whole purpose of using cryptocurrencies is to have control of your money and become your own bank. However, as the crypto space continues to grow, so too does the level of sophistication and complexity of the entire space. This is why Wallet88 was founded as an easy solution to help you spend and receive payments in crypto.

Is Wallet88 Safe?

Yes, Wallet88 is safe to use. You can use it to withdraw your Bitcoins into your Union Pay, Sofort, Ideal, Interact, or Pix account and spend money anywhere in the world. While the app currently supports direct deposits using Canada and Australia’s national currencies, you can use the app’s virtual Mastercard to spend directly on any online platform. What’s more, the wallet is built with tons of safety features, including multiple authentication layers such as SMS, a passcode, 2FA authentication with Google Authenticator, and an Open OTP. You can easily apply either of these security features or mix and match them to suit your preference.

How to Set Up Wallet88

Setting up your Wallet88 is easy.

First, open an account from the app’s official website and sign up for a wallet using your email. You will receive an email verification once you sign up.

Upon your confirmation, add Wallet88 as a banking option with your favourite bank and proceed to transfer funds to your wallet. You can withdraw the funds in your wallet using the app’s virtual Mastercard or through a bank transfer.

You can also set up Wallet88 for business, which allows you to exchange local currencies and pay for cross-border goods and services in an instant.

Customer Service and Support

Wallet88 offers prompt support for its customers. You can send an email with your question through their site and receive instant replies. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t offer a phone number to call in case of an emergency.

Conclusion: A Simple, Streamlined Crypto Solution

Wallet88 is a simple and easy-to-use solution for anyone looking to spend their Bitcoin online with ease. They offer an intuitive and minimalistic user interface that makes the wallet convenient for micro-spending. Thanks to their virtual card, you can load money and withdraw from any outlet that accepts Mastercard.

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