Here’s our recommended Bitcoin Wallets, also known as Digital Wallets or Crypto Wallets.

These wallets are used to secure and conveniently access your funds.

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Digital Wallets

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Wasabi Wallet (Desktop)

This wallet offers CoinJoin options and manual control of your inputs. It uses Neutrino to preserve privacy and limit data-usage. Built-in Tor hides network activity by default.

Samourai Wallet(Android)

This wallet is Android only but worth mentioning. It offers privacy-focused features such as Whirlpool, Stonewall and Ricochet. Supports Segwit and offers Payment channels as a way to save

Hodl wallet

This is a clone of the legacy version of bread wallet but with updated code to include segwit (Works mostly with Bech32. You have to manually generate a legacy address when needed). Connects directly to Bitcoin nodes, making it a true SPV wallet.

Segwit-enabled Wallets (Save on Fees)

Coinimi (Android/iOS/Desktop)

Multi-coin wallet that handles a high number of alt-coins. Desktop variants include Linux, Windows and MacOS.

Edge Wallet (Android/iOS)

This wallet works with a username and password instead of a recovery phrase. It allows for Bech32 and legacy versions of Segwit and you can have multiple accounts

Blue Wallet (iOS)

Supports Segwit/Bech32 and offers a snappy user experience. Allows for Lightning Network wallets and is frequently updated with new features.

Electrum (Desktop/iOS/Android)

A Fully-featured wallet that also has mobile versions of itself. An advanced wallet that is constantly updated with cutting-edge bitcoin features. First to adopt Bech32. The plugin system allows for even further customization.

Hardware Wallets (Cold Storage)


Ledger wallets use Ledger Live to interact with the wallet. The version on mobile is nearly identical to the one offered on desktop.

Satoshi Labs - Trezor

As the first hardware wallet to popularize within Bitcoin, Satoshi Labs offers two flavours of Trezor wallets. Both interface mainly with a chrome extension or their own native plugin app.